Running to the Mercy Seat

Hymnology: The Mercy Seat

I’m deviating a bit from the usual format today, to post an article I wrote several years ago about this song celebrating the tearing of the veil which kept sinful men from the presence of God.

Here’s a performance by the Prestonwood Baptist Church youth choir:

Song Study

The Mercy Seat, composed by Steve Richardson, Mark Carouthers and Jeff Harpole, and first popularized by Vicki Yohe, speaks of Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice as a replacement for the Old Testament sacrificial system. We learn about this in Hebrews 9, one of the most profound passages in the entire Bible. If we imagine someone who has lived their entire life in the Jewish sacrificial system who is hearing this passage for the first time, the shocking message would likely produce a response similar to what we find in the first verse. Continue reading